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A Grandparent’s Guide To Digital Etiquette

Posted on April 11, 2016

With the whole world now turning digital, it is more than ever a case of adapting to the change or risk being left behind! Unfortunately, a consequence of this seems to be that those that have been a little slow on the take up are now thrust into the fore of social media having yet to master the intricacies of digital etiquette. Indeed, this can make for some of their behaviour online to seem a little strange to the digital literate.

But fear not! With the growing emphasis upon everything digital we are offering a helping hand. As it seems more often than not to be the older generation that are new to the online way of life, we have compiled a list of helpful, if occasionally tongue-in-cheek, tips to ease them in with our infographic “A Grandparent’s Guide To Digital Etiquette”.

It is by no means exclusively the older generation that is guilty of partaking in some of these less savoury behaviours online however, so take note if you recognise some of your own actions in the list!