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An introduction to Lipomodelling

Posted on July 28, 2016

Fat transfer has been used for a number of years in facial cosmetic surgery. It is the taking of fat from one area of the body and transferring it to another to plump out and rejuvenate the new area. The amount of fat used in these cases is quite small but has been shown to be safe and achieves good aesthetic outcomes for patients. The official name of this process is Lipomodelling but it is also referred to as ‘Lipofilling’ or ‘Fat Injection’.

Lipomodelling for Breast Augmentation

New advances in Lipomodelling now mean that larger volumes of fat can be harvested effectively and this is ideal for use in sculpting breasts to restore shape, size and symmetry without the need for implants. It can also be used in conjunction with implants to provide more padding to the region giving a softer look.

In cosmetic surgery, some patients may want a modest increase in breast size while retaining a very natural shape. In such circumstances, lipomodelling may be preferable to the use of implants since there is no risk of implant rippling or tissue contracture. Your surgeon will be able to advise if lipomodelling is an option for you based on your individual requirements and your body’s fat resources.

How does Breast Lipomodelling work?

So what does Lipomodelling actually involve? Fat is taken from an area where ‘you can pinch an inch’. This will normally be from the abdomen, flank, hips or thighs. The exact area will be decided upon by you and your surgeon after consultation. This fat harvest is normal liposuction. The fat is then transferred to special sterile equipment that processes it to make it suitable for injecting into your breasts. There are a number of systems for fat processing and Mr. Younis is currently leading the latest research and operating with the most successful technique. Once the fat has been processed, it can then be injected by your surgeon into your breasts.

Post-operative expectations

Afterwards, you will have bruising around the liposuction area but this will resolve in 7-10 days. Your surgeon will ‘overfill’ your breasts so don’t be surprised if they look a little fuller then you expected initially. This overfilling compensates for the fact that about 40% of the fat injected is naturally reabsorbed by your body. In some patients, this natural reabsorption continues over time and you may require more than one treatment. The advantages of Lipomodelling are that it can be done as day surgery and offers you the opportunity to have Liposuction to a troublesome area and Breast Augmentation during the same procedure.

The technique has been deemed safe by numerous associations and bodies.  As with any surgical intervention, there are risks and these will be discussed fully with you during your consultation. In a very small number of cases, fat cells are unable to survive in their new home following transfer and this may be felt as a lumpy region. This can be assessed and treated by your surgeon.

Breast Lipomodelling is an exciting, innovative and safe way to improve breast appearance while giving the added benefit of fat removal from another body area. Mr. Younis can work with you to decide if this is the right approach for your needs and provide you with surgical expertise in this field of breast surgery.

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