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To Beard Or Not To Beard

Posted on November 23, 2016

It’s the continuously nagging question that every man on the planet has at some point asked himself: should I take the plunge and grow my facial hair?

With the rugged stubble of David Beckham and Ryan Reynolds and the impressive beard of Ben Affleck gracing the news day in and out, it’s easy to assume these are the looks men should aspire to and which women find most attractive . However, just what is the real consensus when it comes to facial hair?

From moustaches to mutton chops, we surveyed 1,000 people to find out how much facial hair is the most desirable – with surprising results! The majority of men prefer to go fuzz-free with 62% of the vote, whilst most women prefer a rugged look, deeming the most kissable men to have some sort of stubble.

Most men prefer a clean shave as they think facial hair is too ‘high maintenance.’ In contrast women find facial hair more ‘manly’ and ‘distinguished’.  See the full results of our fascinating survey below to find out more and discover which styles are at the forefront of today’s style-conscious generations.