Breast Augmentation Video Transcription
Breast Augmentation Transcription

Breast Augmentation Video Transcription

At MyBreast we give highest quality of care but also do it at a competitive price. Every single one of our surgeons have the highest training qualifications available in this country – all of our hospitals are highest quality private hospitals and we offer an open ended lifetime guarantee for our patients to come and see us. You have a seamless delivery of care.

“Hi I’m Lucy. I’d always wanted to have breast enlargement, mainly since I was seventeen I knew that nothing else was gonna happen. I waited till I had my children and I knew it was time to go and find out what I could have done. I met Simon and I knew straight away that he was the one that I wanted to do my surgery he made me feel really good. We had lot of discussion about the realities of what I could have size wise –  pros and cons about the surgery – he filled me in on the bad stuff and the good stuff so I was aware of everything”

Breast augmentation or breast enlargement or maybe more commonly known as a boob job is effectively using breast implants some of which are in front of me here, to enhance the size of the breast. Modern implants come in a variety of different sizes, different shapes, basically either a round shape or what’s known as a tear drop, anatomical implant. You can see that a round implant is uniform in its dimensions whereas the teardrop is designed to have a little bit less at the top and a bit more at the bottom, almost mimicking the distribution of volume in a real breast. You can get what are known as different profiles or projections so this is what’s known as a lower profile round implant – this one has a bit more prominence, sticks out more and it called higher profile. There’s been a lot in the media about defective and faulty breast implants which have been used as a cost cutting measure; this is never done at MyBreast. One of the things that we spend a lot of time is engaging with the implant companies and selecting what we feel is the very best.

There are generally three incisions that describe the breast augmentation, probably the most common is the one in the breast fold itself and its usually 4-5 centimetres in length, it sits in the crease and it is generally very well disguised within the crease. The other incision points are around the lower part of the areola, or in the axillar. We also talk about placing implants either in front of the muscle or behind the muscle. Breast augmentation is a procedure which is carried out under general anaesthetic; it can either be done as a daycase or with an overnight stay depending on circumstance and the wish of the patient.

“On the day of my surgery, I went into hospital, met with the nurses, shown my room, met with Simon again – I was quite nervous so it was nice of him to be there before I went down. He just described again the procedure, what was gonna happen afterwards.”

In general it’s a very common procedure and it’s a procedure which is safe and carries relatively low risk. However, in the short term, risks such as bleeding, infection, scarring which we’ve talked about are all risks of surgery. It’s quite common to have changes in sensitivity of the nipple or of the breast and this means that you can either have a period of numbness or indeed hyper-excitability as the nerves get stretched as part of the procedure. Longer term, one of the things that can happen to breast implants is that they can harden over time and can form what’s called a capsule which is a layer of fibrous tissue around the implant and in about five percent of cases that can cause the implant to stiffen and harden. You can get fatigue of the shell and that can result in an implant rupture and finally over time, something known as mal-position or the implant simply not looking right.

In terms of the recovery, it’s normal to experience a little bit of pain and discomfort – particularly when the implants been placed behind the muscle. There’s no reason why you can’t undertake everyday activities in the home, going out for a walk etc within the confines of the dressings. Physical exercise, strenuous upper body exercise is something that does need to wait for probably four to six weeks.

“After my procedure I went home, I was a little bit tight but I wouldn’t say in pain at all. Had to be careful, had to rest as much as possible – it’s quite hard with two kids running around. Was happy with the results straight away although they go down slightly from the swelling. I didn’t have much bruising at all.”

It takes four to six weeks for the early swelling to go after your operation. Once the early swelling goes, essentially you’re down to your breast size and over the following six to twelve months your tissues continue to soften as your skin does until probably at a year you have your complete result – so it’s a changing process over that time.

“I’m definitely happy I went ahead and had my surgery, my breast enlargement. I am really happy with the results, I’m a really happy person now, really confident. I can’t believe how much it’s changed me and I would definitely recommend MyBreast, definitely recommend Simon Withey for breast enlargement and any other surgery actually.”

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