Fat Transfer Breast Augmentation
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Fat Transfer Breast Augmentation

What is fat transfer?

Fat transfer breast augmentation uses fat removed from an area of the body where it is in excess. The fat is transferred to an area that requires restoration or augmentation, this is designed to improve volume and change breast size and in most cases offers long lasting results. Fat transfer, also known as fat grafting, allows plastic surgeons to use the fat cells from one part of your body for breast augmentation without the need for breast implants. Fat transfer is a natural solution to restore volume and shape to your breasts, that may have been lost due to ageing, weight loss, pregnancy or breast feeding. This process is described as fat transfer breast augmentation or lipomodelling. Fat is removed from an area of the body where it is in excess and transferred to an area that requires restoration or augmentation, this is designed to improve volume and change proportion and in most cases offers long lasting results. Book A Consultation

Is fat transfer suitable for me?

A ‘breast enlargement with fat transfer’ isn’t right for everyone as you’ll need to be at least a UK dress size 10-12 to qualify. (However even if you are not suitable there are alternatives so please contact us to find out more.) Unfortunately, we cannot consider patients whose body does not have enough fat resources. It’s an amazing procedure if you qualify and are looking for subtle changes that are less invasive that other surgeries. The procedure is as an alternative to implants and may be used to balance cases of asymmetrical breasts (uneven breasts) or restore one cup size of volume. Patients who require a small increase in size and present enough fat to transfer from other areas such as the legs or tummy are suitable. Fat transfer to breast tissue enables you to have a procedure which is less invasive than some other approaches to cosmetic surgery. If you are considering surgery, using fat cells from other parts of your own body to supplement your natural breast fat under the care of one of our an experienced plastic surgeons, can help you achieve the look you desire.

Is fat transfer painful?

Most patients don’t experience much pain when they have fat grafting although some people have painkillers after their procedures. Harvesting or removing the fat from the thighs or tummy will require a general anaesthetic. If you are concerned about pain please speak to your surgeon who will be able to discuss your options to manage the pain and make the procedure as comfortable as possible. If you have fat transfer into breast it is a simpler, less invasive and usually less painful procedure than cosmetic surgery for breast augmentation with breast implants.

The natural boob job

There are multiple reasons women opt for a fat transfer, also known as fat injection, over implants; the main is that in addition to fuller breasts, you also get a more contoured body. Also, the fat is your own so there’s peace of mind knowing there isn’t a foreign object inside you. Breast enlargement with fat transfer is as an alternative to implants and may be used to increase the fullness of the breast by one cup size, balance cases of asymmetrical breasts (uneven breasts) or restore contours in cases of unevenness. It is a less invasive breast enlargement surgery. Book A Consultation

How long does fat transfer last?

A small amount of the fat may be absorbed into your body after the fat grafting has taken place. Generally though a fat transfer is permanent. Results depend on many factors such as the technique and experience of the surgeon, where and how the fat was harvested and how and exactly where it was injected. For best results it is important to maintain your weight at the same level it was when you had surgery. As you age there may be a change in your breast tissue and fat due to the natural aging process.

How much is a fat transfer?

The exact cost of your fat transfer procedure will depend on what your goals are and if you are having Lipomodelling performed on any other areas of your body. Also, it may take more than one procedure for you to achieve your desired outcome. Take a look at our guide prices page, you can use our starting price as a general indication of the fat transfer to breast enlargement cost and also see what a maximum budget could be for a more complicated or intensive procedure. We also offer finance packages if you would like to split your payments and pay the procedure off in chunks.

How is fat transfer done?

The operation involves fat being liposuctioned from one part of the body where it is in excess and injected into another that requires augmentation, this will improve volume and change proportion and offers long lasting results. Our plastic surgeons will ‘overfill’ your breasts so don’t be surprised if they look a little fuller then you expected initially. This overfilling compensates for the fact that about 40% of the fat injected is naturally reabsorbed by your body. Fat transfer procedures can be performed under local anaesthesia.

Possible liposuction Sites for fat transfer

Your surgeon will agree with you an area where you’d like to take fat from and discuss what breast augmentation outcome you may be able to achieve. Book A Consultation

What is the recovery period after fat transfer?

Afterwards, you will have some bruising around the liposuction area but this will disappear in 7-10 days. The exact recovery period for a breast enhancement via fat transfer will depend on your procedure and there will be some natural variations, however, you can use the following as a general guide.

  • Dressings removed: 7-14 days
  • Back to work: 2-14 days
  • Swimming: 4-6 weeks
  • Exercise and sex: 4-12 weeks
  • Full recovery: 2-12 weeks

You may also be required to wear a compression garment for 1-2 weeks following surgery.

Is fat transfer used on other parts of the body?

Fat augmentation may also be used as an alternative to facial fillers or implants, and to restore volume in the buttock region. This is generally known as lipomodelling. Fat transfer can also be used alongside other procedures to maintain a natural look with a larger increase in breast size. For example, one of our patients combined breast implants with fat transfer for the following results:

Breast fat transfer before and after

Check out Scarlett’s cosmetic surgery story to find more.

How long does a fat transfer operation take?

Fat transfer operations usually take longer than breast implant operations. Typically an operation can take 3-4 hours. Every patient and procedure is unique and different. Your MyBreast cosmetic surgeon will be able to advise you in your particular case.

Which is better fat transfer or breast implants?

Breast implants will not last forever and may need removal or adjustment in years to come. Fat transfer may be a good solution for you if you would like a more natural breast augmentation and if you have enough fat that can be removed from your hips or tummy. Your surgeon can advise you on which procedure may be best for you.

When can I wear a bra after fat transfer?

Your surgeon will advise you on the best way to take care of your breasts and the correct bra to wear after surgery. You should expect some bruising and swelling but this should pass after a few weeks. In this time a compression bra is normally recommended to give support to your breasts and allow the body’s natural healing process to take place.

How else can I get a natural looking breast enlargement?

Breast Enlargement with Fat Transfer is not suitable for patients with a low body mass. For a natural looking breast augmentation, it is now more common for breast implants to be placed under the muscles (dual-plane) to disguise the upper edge of the implant, and there is even an increasing trend towards teardrop shaped “anatomical” implants.

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