Breast Lift Video Transcription
Breast Lift Transcription

Breast Lift Video Transcription

At MyBreast we give highest quality of care but also do it at a competitive price. Every single one of our surgeons have the highest training qualifications available in this country – all of our hospitals are highest quality private hospitals and we offer an open ended lifetime guarantee for our patients to come and see us. You have a seamless delivery of care.

What happens in a droopy breast is that effectively there’s too much skin and not enough filling if you like and therefore the breast droops, it lacks any natural tension and the nipples tend to sit down on the breast. The principle of the procedure is to try and reverse those changes and to try and recreate a more youthful breast. Typical candidates or women who represent for this are either after pregnancy – where the breast has been enlarged as part of the pregnancy process and then it empties out and droops or for example after weight loss as well – people who have been overweight who now have lost a lot of weight who find themselves with little volume and a stretched skin. So during the procedure patients are obviously asleep under a general anaesthetic and an incision is made around the areola and excess skin is removed both above it and below it in order to be able to reposition the nipple on the breast. Contrary to popular belief, the nipple is not removed from the breast tissue, it remains firmly attached to the breast gland but the skin around it is rearranged so that it’s lifted up into position. At the same time, the gland itself is often manipulated to give it some projection and some more consistency prior to then closing up the skin wounds. The scars for the breast lift depend on how droopy the breast is, on how empty it is and how much skin needs to be removed and they are typically either of a lollipop type scarring where you’ve got a scar around the areola and then going down into the fold, or similar to a breast reduction where you have an anchor type pattern around the areola, down and underneath the breast fold. Occasionally if there isn’t enough natural volume in the breast then the lift will be combined with an implant and therefore an implant is placed into the breast just as with primary breast enlargement and then the breast is lifted around the implant in exactly the same way as a breast lift.

The recovery following a breast lift on its own is generally fairly rapid. It’s probably less painful than breast enlargement and possible a little bit less involved than breast enlargement and therefore we’d expect an early recovery and return to activities. There’s no reason why people can’t get up and about within the confines of their dressings, obviously taking it relatively within the first two to three weeks while the wounds are healing. Full recovery probably four to six weeks in terms of exercise and upper body strenuous activity. I think the important this about breast lifting, particularly when it’s done without an implant is that the results do change over time. One of the reasons why people present for a breast lift in the first place is because their skin is quite thin it’s been stretched and it’s loss it’s elasticity. Therefore over time, whereas early on very nice tension is produced, their does tend to be a slight reduction in tension. The breast will never droop back to where it was but perhaps some of that early tension wont be quite a visible six to twelve months following their surgery as it was in their first few weeks and it’s important for people to understand this.

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