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Breast asymmetry and uneven breasts

Posted on January 19, 2016

Breast asymmetry is very common, indeed a woman’s breasts are never perfectly symmetrical. However, in some women the difference is more obvious, and there is a whole spectrum of ‘unevenness’ from a mild discrepancy in size between the two breasts, to full development on one side and none on the other.

Breast asymmetry can be a cause of great distress, deeply affecting personal and social life. It is very common to hear about hampered relationships, lack of self confidence, social inhibition and simply the difficulty and embarrassment in choosing clothes and swimwear in particular.

It is also something which many find difficult to talk about with friends and family, it is not uncommon to come across girls in their late teens and early twenties whose families have been totally unaware of their predicament simply because it was something that had always been covered up and not talked about. Most women are unaware that breast asymmetry is actually very common and as aesthetic breast surgeons it is something that we see a lot of.

In general, once a significant difference has been established between two breasts by the early/mid teens it is a myth to think that the other side will ‘catch up’ – because it never does. This is the point at which it is advisable to start to seek medical advice and help. Many leave it until later and of course this is not a problem.

There are many options for the treatment of asymmetric (uneven) breasts depending on the nature and degree of the problem.

The aim of surgery is to create two breasts which are as similar to each other as possible. It is however, important that expectations are set at the right level, because naturally, two breasts which start off being completely different cannot be identical but they can be much more similar than they were.

The principles of the treatment are not only to adjust volume but also shape and dimension. Often it is not just that one side is smaller than the other but there will also be a difference in the nipple height, the nipple areola diameter, the width of the breasts and the overall appearance. All of these issues need to be addressed.

Surgery usually consists of a combination of the use of implants with lifting and ‘evening-up’ procedures. The most common scenario is when the smaller breast requires an implant to ‘catch-up’ with the bigger breast, but the bigger breast will need a small lift and adjustment to make it look more like the enlarged smaller breast. Alternatively, if both breasts are small and uneven then sometimes different volume implants will be required to enlarge them by the same amount. Where both breasts are large but uneven, the larger of the two can be reduced and lifted to match the smaller one. Usually, surgery is a combination of these techniques depending on the situation and each case needs to be treated on an individual basis.

It is advisable to speak to your surgeon at MyBreast about your specific problem and he/she will set out the most appropriate treatment for you explaining the aims, the options and the possible outcomes. Occasionally it will take more than one procedure to get things right. But this will be discussed at the time of your consultation.

The important message is that whilst breast asymmetry is relatively common it is something which can be dealt with by surgery and is generally a very gratifying procedure. As specialists in aesthetic breast surgery, MyBreast’s surgeons will be delighted to advise on the best possible solution for you.

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