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Cosmetic Surgery in 2015 The UK’s Top 10 Procedures

Posted on February 8, 2016

The data from The British Association of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons for 2015 has been released and show a record level of cosmetic procedures.

Over 51,000 Britons opted for cosmetic surgery in 2015, a trend which surgeons are suggesting may be due to an ever increasing openness from celebrities regarding the issue. Confessions of those in the limelight may be encouraging patients to follow suit as a result of their positive outlook and fantastic results.

Breast augmentation continues to dominate in popularity for women, rising 12% from 2014 and remaining the most undertaken procedure, however, it has been noted by surgeons that many women are opting for a more natural look with their surgery. There have also been large increases in the number of women undergoing face/neck lifts and liposuction.

For men, the increased number of facial surgeries is evident as well as the overall increase in the number opting for surgery – a dramatic rise of 13.5% from 2014.

All these trends can be visualised in the infographic below, with all data taken from BAAPS.