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Dating Trends

Posted on September 16, 2016

Whether it has been a pleasant experience, a complete disaster or simply a forgettable venture – most of us can relate to the unique experiences that dating can offer. Regardless of age, gender and political persuasion dating permeates through society. But how do the opinions, views and expectations of dating differ across age groups and is there a divide of the sexes?

MyBreast have conducted a survey of 1000 people to find out exactly what generational and gender differences are out there when it comes down to what people expect from dating. From where to go on a first date, to who should foot the bill and even if (and when) you should take things to the bedroom, we have asked the searching questions and got the revealing answers!

Are you part of the 10% that prefer the cinema as their ideal first date? Or in the one third of women that believe that the man should pay for the first date? Find out the fascinating dating statistics in our survey-based infographic below!