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Fear Factor Getting the Better of You?

Posted on August 20, 2015

A survey uncovering the biggest fears people have about cosmetic surgery has emphasised the crucial role of surgeons and consultations to reassure patients.

A survey of 700 people seriously considering cosmetic surgery, conducted by RealSelf, has uncovered the greatest fears people have about going under the knife. Perhaps understandably, most respondents (31%) claimed their greatest fear was that they wouldn’t be happy with the results.

While the majority didn’t want to be let down by their own expectations, at the other end of the scale only 2% said being judged negatively by others was their biggest concern, and another 7% were scared of cosmetic surgery making them look fake.

For others, aesthetic concerns were the least of their worries – 11% cited the recovery period as what they feared most, while 8% were afraid of the pain associated with surgery.

While the published survey results offered an interesting insight into the worries of potential patients, there was no accompanying advice about how to deal with these fears. MyBreast has some simple tips for anybody thinking about cosmetic surgery on how to overcome your fears:

Choose your surgeon carefully

Possible complications were the biggest fear connected with cosmetic surgery for 27% of the surveyed respondents – a fear that can be overcome by choosing a surgeon with a history of satisfied patients.

It’s natural that you’ll feel much more confident in the hands of an experienced, highly qualified surgeon that you trust has your best interests at heart – but not all cosmetic surgeons have the same level of experience, and some surgeons don’t even have specific cosmetic surgery qualifications.

Treat your consultation seriously

A consultation should be an opportunity to have a frank and open discussion about any concerns you have directly with your operating surgeon. The surgeon will ensure your expectations are realistic to help avoid disappointment and can explain the reality of the risks involved.

One in 10 people said death was their biggest fear – fatalities caused by cosmetic surgery in the UK and the USA (where most of the respondents were from) are extremely rare, suggesting the fear may stem from sensationalist media stories rather than the actual risks involved.

Keep in mind that while MyBreast guarantees all consultations are with a surgeon, other cosmetic surgery groups offering free consultations often use nurses or even sales advisors without the expertise to ensure you are a safe and suitable candidate for surgery.

“I wish I’d done it years ago”

One of the most common things we hear from our patients is that they wish they’d done it years ago. There are plenty of good reasons why cosmetic surgery should be delayed – but fear should never be one of them.

Whatever your concerns, speak to a MyBreast customer advisor today and we’ll provide support on every step of your journey– call us on 0843 634 5392