For a guide to UK cosmetic surgery prices, consult the MyBreast website today to gain an understanding of the factors which impact your surgery price.

Cosmetic Surgery Guide Prices

At MyBreast we pride ourselves on offering the most comprehensive and quality service available and to this end every procedure is priced individually and tailored to your specific needs. The cost of your cosmetic surgery is therefore dependent on many factors which include aspects such as whether you will need an overnight hospital stay, which hospital you choose and what surgery the surgeon feels is the best for you and will achieve the result you desire.

All of these things can only be properly assessed by your Surgeon. They, with your Patient Advisor, will fully explain the procedures and tailor the price of your cosmetic surgery specifically for you.

Patients are given the chance to chat with our experienced Patient Advisor in confidence, which they find reassuring and which enables them to focus on their goals and questions.

Once you have been fully assessed and we give you your tailored quotation, you can rest assured that the cosmetic surgery price we quote is the price you pay, without hidden surprises and with the added advantage of our lifetime aftercare guarantee and access to your surgeon whenever you need them.

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Here is a small sample of ‘From’ and ‘To’ Cosmetic Surgery Prices for guidance only. In many cases, the from price will be close to what you are quoted unless you have more complex requirements.




How Much Does a Breast Lift Cost in The UK?

We are commonly asked how much breast uplift surgery, otherwise known as mastopexy, will cost. In truth the cost of cosmetic surgery depends on a number of factors.

As with all cosmetic surgery procedures a lot will depend on where you choose to have your operation, in which hospital, which surgeon you choose and even which country you choose to have breast lift surgery.

Most plastic surgeons will recommend you come in and see them before specifying a cost though the prices on this page will give you a guide as to MyBreast breast lift prices in the UK.

Each surgical procedure we carry out for breast uplift is unique depending on the patient and their specific situation and needs. The prices shown on this page give typical costs but please contact us if you’d like a price based on your own circumstances based on your initial consultation.

Breast uplift surgery without implant prices start at £6,750. With implants prices are typically from £6,950. Breast implant surgery with implant exchange prices start from £9,050.

Many of our patients choose a finance package to pay for their breast lift and we will be happy to discuss payment options with you when you call us.

Is A Breast Lift Worth It?

Most patients are delighted with the results of their breast uplift surgery. It is certainly not a procedure to be taken lightly. All cosmetic surgery needs to be carefully considered based on your own needs and expectations which you should fully discuss with your plastic surgeon as well as family and friends before making a decision.

How much is a Boob Job?

A boob job usually refers to a breast enlargement or a correction to the symmetry or shape of the breasts. Each patient is unique and different and their surgical needs may vary as do our prices. However as a guide a boob job or breast enlargement typically starts at around £5,000 in the UK. We recommend you make an appointment with one of our breast surgeons who can discuss your needs with you and give you an accurate assessment of the costs in your particularly case. Finance is available for all of our cosmetic surgery procedures, subject to status.

How much does Breast Reduction Cost?

Breast reduction surgery in the UK is widely performed procedure. Our specialist surgeons have conducted hundreds of breast reductions so you can be confident they have the expertise to help you achieve the look you desire. Every patient is unique and different and their surgical needs will vary depending on what is required. Our prices therefore depend on your specific needs. As a guide though our breast reduction surgery prices start from £7,150.

Please call us for an appointment so we can understand your requirements better and help give you an accurate guide as to the costs of your procedure. All our costs include aftercare so you won’t have any nasty surprises.

How much does Cosmetic Surgery cost in the UK?

Cosmetic surgery prices (sometimes referred to as plastic surgery prices) vary across the UK depending on a number of factors such as location and the type and nature of the procedure and how complex it is. Our cosmetic surgery prices are listed on this page as a guide although the exact price you pay will be discussed with you, dependent on your specific needs, when you meet you consultant.

At MyBreast all our cosmetic surgeons are highly experienced, many of them with established practices on Harley Street, and can help you with a wide range of cosmetic surgery procedures.

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