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How Did Famous Beauty Brands Get Their Names?

Posted on June 14, 2016

Can you tell your Olay from your Almay and your Nyx from your Nuxe? 

A recent MyBreast survey found that 82% of women changed makeup brands at some stage in their life  – would the brands that have a richer history and a more interesting story behind their names convince you to try them, or even change your loyalties for good?”

Many of the most popular beauty brands display quirky, colourful and imaginative names, the origins of which are not obvious to even the most well-informed beauty expert. So we have done the digging for you to find out the incredible origins of some of the greatest beauty products and brands in our infographic “How Did Famous Beauty Brands Get Their Names?”. From acronyms, to references to family members and iconic locations, find out the fascinating stories behind some of the world’s most famous beauty brands’ names.

Will you want to change brands when you know where their names originated from?