Male Liposuction/Fat Removal (Liposculpture)
Our experienced surgeons can help to reshape your body with liposuction to give a slimmer, more athletic appearance. Find out more today. Stubborn areas of fat can persist despite diet and exercise, and can impact confidence - we can help to remove localised fat so you look and feel great.

Male Liposuction UK – Male Chest Liposuction

For many men it’s not uncommon to have regions of stubborn fat that persist in spite of a proper diet and exercise plan. Liposuction can be used to remove these areas of fat to reshape the body and create a slimmer appearance, helping to improve confidence with long-lasting results.

Liposuction, also known as lipoplasty, is one of the most common plastic surgery procedures performed.  Liposuction can be performed alone but can also be combined with other procedures such as the tummy tuck.

However, liposuction may not be the best treatment for everyone. The procedure cannot help in cases of cellulite or obesity, and it is not an alternative to exercise and diet.  If you’re unsure if liposuction is the right approach for you, your dedicated MyBreast surgeon will help you determine if you’re a good candidate for the surgery and discuss the best approach for your personal circumstances and the results you’re looking for.

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What does liposuction involve?

The procedure may be performed under general or local anaesthetic – you may be able to return home the same day, however, some patients require an overnight stay. This will be discussed with your surgeon prior to surgery. In general, fat is removed with a cannula (a hollow tube), which is passed into the fatty tissue through a small incision in the skin. The cannula is then passed back and forward, removing fat with a suction machine. The surgery generally takes between 1.5-4 hours depending upon the number of areas and the amount of fat to be removed. There are a number of techniques that vary the amounts of fluid injected into the liposuction site, these are discussed below. The sites of liposuction and the technique used will depend upon your individual circumstances and will be discussed in detail with your MyBreast surgeon at your consultation. We’ve included a brief overview of the potential techniques below. Possible MyBreast Liposuction Sites Book A Consultation

How much does liposuction cost?

Liposuction prices are quoted individually and tailored to your specific needs as every patient’s requirements are unique and you may desire Liposculpture performed on other areas of your body. At your surgeon consultation, you will receive a premium cosmetic surgery experience, your surgeon will fully examine you and discuss your personal surgical requirements. Then they will talk you through exactly how much your procedure will cost based on your precise requirements, so there will be no surprises and no hidden extras. Take a look at our guide prices page, you can use our starting price as a general indication of Liposuction costs and also see what a maximum budget could be for a more complicated or intensive procedure. Your surgeon will see you for all appointments leading up to your surgery, and the journey afterwards.Our pre- and post-operative care is uniquely personalised. With detailed pre-surgery care notes and comprehensive aftercare instructions, you will enjoy a first-class experience. Your Liposuction Surgery cost includes:

  • A 40-minute consultation with one of the UK’s most qualified and experienced specialist cosmetic surgeons
  • After your first consultation, if required, a second and third consultation
  • All your procedure costs
  • Our MyBreast lifetime aftercare

Our commitment to you, which you will experience through our long-term care policy, is just as serious as your commitment to having surgery. Book A Consultation

Liposuction technique

In general, fat is removed with a cannula (a hollow tube), which is passed into the fatty tissue through a small incision in the skin. The cannula is then passed back and forward, removing fat with a suction machine. There are a number of techniques that vary the amounts of fluid injected into the liposuction site. Dry liposuction This does not use any fluid injection at all. It is seldom used and only for very small areas. Wet liposuction A small amount of local anaesthetic solution, less volume than the amount of fat to be removed, is injected into the area. Super-wet liposuction The volume of fluid injected is the same amount as the volume of fat to be removed. This is the preferred technique for high-volume liposuction by many plastic surgeons. Tumescent liposuction The surgeon injects a large volume of solution into the subcutaneous fat to be removed. Mechanism of liposuction Suction-assisted liposuction Suction-assisted liposuction is the standard method. A small cannula (like a straw) is inserted into the fatty tissue through a small incision. The cannula is attached to a vacuum device. The surgeon carefully pushes and pulls the cannula through the fat layer, breaking up the fat cells and drawing them out of the body by suction. Power-assisted liposuction PAL uses a specialised cannula with mechanised movement, so that the surgeon does not need to make as many manual movements. Otherwise it is similar to traditional liposuction. There are other liposuction techniques, which your surgeon can discuss with you. It is important that your surgeon carries out a thorough assessment to ensure liposuction is appropriate for you. Book A Consultation


Following surgery, a compression garment or bandage is worn for two to four weeks. Some pain is to be expected, however, any pain should be controlled by mild to moderate painkillers. There will be bruising in the area worked on, which will fade after a few days but may take as long as two to three weeks to disappear completely. Numbness over the liposuction area may last for several weeks. Depending on the extent of the liposuction, you can generally return to work any time from two days to two weeks. Normal activity can be resumed anywhere from several days to several weeks afterwards, depending on the procedure.

Male Liposuction FAQs

Does liposuction leave any scarring? The incisions used with liposuction are generally very small and so should not leave any significant scarring. The small scars that may remain should soon fade. What will happen if I put on weight following surgery? Unfortunately, liposuction surgery cannot prevent weight from being gained again in the treated areas, therefore weight gain may diminish the effects of surgery. However, following a healthy diet and exercise regime following surgery should allow for long term benefits. How long will it take to see the results of liposuction? The results of liposuction can take a few weeks to show, however, from about a month after surgery you should start to see improvements, this should continue until about 3 months after surgery. How much fat can be removed with liposuction? Generally, the maximum amount of fat that can be removed during the process of one operation is around 3-4l. The level of fat removal will depend on your own circumstances and will be discussed in depth with your surgeon and will be dependant upon the results you are looking for.

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