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Minimising your incisions and scars

Posted on February 4, 2009

For any woman considering breast enlargement, the obvious attraction is achieving a beautiful natural shape and a feeling of confidence in her body. As well as looking great in lingerie, a cocktail dress and a bikini, it is also important to be confident naked! This means that any scar resulting from surgery should be small, discrete and as “invisible” as possible.

No matter what technique is used, some form of scar is inevitable. The size, position and quality of the scar are determined by many different factors. There are a number of options available for placing the incision, including:

  • The infra-mammary scar – The commonest technique, involving an incision at the base of the breast. The horizontal incision is usually about 5cm in length.
  • The peri-areolar scar – This incision has become much more popular in recent years. It is contained within the lower half of the darker skin of the areola (the pink or brown circular area around the nipple)
  • The axillary (armpit) scar – This approach places a scar in a natural crease in the skin within the armpit area. In most cases, the scar heals very well and has the obvious advantage of avoiding any scar on the breast.
  • The peri-umbilical (belly button) incision – A scar around the belly button for breast enlargement has mostly been used in the United States. It has the advantages of avoiding any scar on the breast but has some significant “downsides”.

What’s your best option?

Each of the above has advantages and disadvantages. Which one is best for you? Tell MBreast expert Norman Waterhouse about your size, skin type and the size of implants that you want, so he can help you decide. Would you like to share your concerns about scarring? Norman can tell you what to expect, and will provide as much information as possible to reassure you of the options availiable to you.

Alternatively, you can speak to someone at the MyBreast office by calling 0870 780 4000.