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MyBreast response to the Keogh review

Posted on February 14, 2014

First impressions? What a shame! The Keogh report made some excellent recommendations that if fully implemented would have improved patient safety and reduced both patient complication rates and problems dramatically.

The report was conceived with patient interest at its heart, how sad to see some of its key recommendations ignored. Were these ignored because they were too much of a political challenge or because of intense lobbying from those who have a strong commercial interest in being able to continue to provide a substandard service.

Why is it so difficult to ensure that there is a register of all practitioners injecting fillers and botox and why is it impossible to reclassify a filler as something that is only available on prescription. To suggest that any practitioner can consent a patient for a procedure about to be performed by another conveys a deep misunderstanding of process, each surgical plan should be unique for the patient, this is not production line surgery- or at least not should not be. The only person who has a true understanding of the exact plan for an operation is the person who has listened to the patient’s concerns and come up with the best solution to address them. At MyBreast Cosmetic Surgery we care about the outcome of surgery as much as you do, as surgeons we are aware of our responsibility to help you achieve the best outcome possible.

Our surgical team is handpicked for expertise, technical skills and caring, and not because they passively do as they are told. At MyBreast you will see the same surgeon through each step of your surgery, the planning, the consent and the follow up, you will not see a succession of different people all giving subtly different advice.  All of the surgical team are recognised as leaders in their field. We are proud of our reputation for affordable excellence.