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Patrick Mallucci, MyBreast founding surgeon on Channel 5

Posted on January 10, 2014

Mr Mallucci showed his skill as one of the UK’s leading cosmetic surgeons by correcting cosmetic surgery cases that had gone seriously wrong.

The programme, imaginatively called Botched up Bodies focused on cases where people had undergone cosmetic surgery in the hope that it would be a magic solution. The show outlined that  all too often their surgery is performed by surgeons who are not of an acceptable professional standard whether based locally or abroad.
Patrick Mallucci is a founding Director of MyBreast Cosmetic Surgery, he started MyBreast with fellow leading plastic surgeons Simon Withey and Norman Waterhouse to provide surgical excellence at an affordable price. MyBreast only work with top UK cosmetic surgeons, use the highest quality of products and partner with the best hospitals. They always advise you with care and operate with skill then give thorough follow up and guaranteed aftercare.