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Pregnancy and Breast Surgery

Posted on October 28, 2013

The post pregnancy breast is one of the most common reasons that women present for breast augmentation/improvement.

Pregnancy is relevant in a number of ways in relation to the breasts and possible surgery as a consequence of it. The post pregnancy breast is one of the most common reasons that women present for breast augmentation/improvement. The process of expansion during pregnancy followed by emptying afterwards puts the breast through enormous change often rendering the skin thin and stretched and reducing the resultant volume. This is why most women seeking surgery after pregnancy are looking to restore volume and occasionally this will also involve adjustment of the skin envelope in the form of tightening or lifting. The latter would involve extra scarring, but when the breasts have been adversely affected by the process it is often necessary and the best way to improve the overall outcome. It is a myth to think that it is only the process of breast feeding that causes adverse change, often it is the pregnancy itself which is responsible for the consequences described.

In terms of planning surgery following pregnancy, in general women are advised to wait for 6 months after they have finished breast feeding for their breasts to return to normal prior to embarking upon surgery. If they haven’t breast fed it is usually 6 months after the birth of the child or at least until normal body weight is achieved as in the pre-pregnant state.

Many women worry about the recovery following breast surgery with the presence of young children. In general, this is not an issue; women today are encouraged to return to activities of daily living as soon as possible after surgery, the quicker the return to normality the quicker the recovery. Small children are usually light enough to be able to hold without consequence. Lifting heavier toddlers may require adaptation allowing them to come and sit onto you rather than stooping to pick them up.

Finally women who have had implants and are thinking of starting a family or having a further child need not worry about breast feeding with implants – there is no reason not to and no harm can be caused to the baby.

Finally in general terms it is advisable to finish having your children before embarking upon breast surgery as subsequent pregnancies could potentially affect the result of your surgery.