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Spring style vs. trend

Posted on May 7, 2018

Spring/Summer is the season for trends.  Yes, Autumn into Winter is a key time too, but Spring is where the exciting new colours come to life as well as the fresh lines, fabrics and fashions.  I am probably a bit biased as I am much more a summer person than a winter, so I am excited and rejuvenated when I am shopping for my clients at this time of year.  The window displays are a fruitful feast for the eyes as all the citrus colours and bold brights fill the space.  Hue heaven when you’re a colour evangelist like me!

Trend vs. style?  As I have mentioned in my previous articles personal style always comes out on top vs. trend but dipping into the trends that float your nautical boat in the Spring/Summer creates the best looks.  And on that note, it’s already stripe-central.  Stripes are what I call a ‘fake-trend’.  Add pastels, cowboy, metallics to the quite long list of styles that are called ‘new trends’ but what they actually are is seasonal staples.  We naturally want to wear brighter colours as we warm up for summer and stripes are a happy medium. Pastels reflect natures blossom and yellow daffodils are the only flower that can just about withstand the crazy contrasts in temperature.

The new trend in pastels is more swayed towards sherbet colours this season but double check the soft hue against your complexion in nature light first before you buy every shade of violet, rose or lemon.  Pastels suit mid-tone skins best. To easily embrace the trend, go for slouchy trousers or an oversized coat instead which you can team with metallics or greys.

Bold colours just got bolder and if you haven’t tried colour-blocking yet go for it.  My fave combinations are green and red, azure blue and bright yellow and bright green with fuchsia pink.

Yellow is big as a returning trend – for whiter skin tones mustard and golden yellow will glow for you.  For darker tones (or those of you who look awful in peach) go for sharp, bright yellow.

Suits are a continuing trend but forget heading anywhere near the charcoal or navy it’s all about brightness and baggy styles.  Jigsaw and Hobbs are top on the high street charts for their suit offerings and these make a great investment as you can create so many seasonal outfits with mixing and matching.  Just look for a lighter fabric – cotton and silk mixes will carry you through.

And the final trend I have to mention is all things wedding.  As Meghan-mania will dominate our tabloids rest assured all things bridal will be in the shop windows.  Dresses will feature in a big way and I will cover styling for your body shape in your perfect dress next month.

My top tips for updating your seasonal wardrobe?   Have a look through your wardrobe and work out what you are missing, then take a quick browse through the magazines for the pieces that jump out at you. Write your priority list.  Having a bit of an idea of what you are looking for before you lose yourself in the Narnia of Westfield shopping centre will prevent the ‘I can’t find anything!’ feeling, otherwise you’re likely to wander around until you feel lost in the sea of clothes.  Have a super Spring!


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