Carrianne’s cosmetic surgery journey - Breast Surgery

"It’s the first time I’m actually looking forward to wearing a bathing suit!"

Breast augmentation patient case study

  • Cosmetic Surgeon: Mr Bran Sivakumar BSc MD(Res) FRCSD (Plast)
  • Procedure: breast augmentation
  • Operation duration: Day case
  • Post op consultation: at one week and three months

Carrianne’s cosmetic surgery journey

Carrianne had always been conscious of the size of her chest when growing up and she always wore push up bras, to try and give the allusion of a fuller bust. However, she never really considered cosmetic surgery until she reached her twenties.

“Before my surgery, I was so self-conscious about my body. I would even keep myself covered up on beach holidays, in spite of the heat. My partner was constantly having to reassure me there was nothing wrong with me.”

Carrianne decided a breast enlargement was what she truly wanted, so she and her partner began researching cosmetic surgery clinics.

“I looked on forums and TrustPilot to hear other people’s stories. Once I found the best-reviewed companies, I also looked at any negative reviews to see both sides. However, I saw nothing but positive information on MyBreast so I felt very comfortable in booking a consultation.”

The first consultation

Carrianne was nervous before her first consultation, as she had never done anything like it before. However, her surgeon, Mr Sivakumar, made her feel completely at ease.

“My surgeon was very informative and asked me a lot of questions about the reasons I wanted a breast augmentation. We also chatted about things completely unrelated to the surgery, so I felt very relaxed.”

Carrianne’s first consultation was very in-depth. They discussed what the procedure would entail, the recovery time and the desired outcome. Carrianne tried different size nagor implants on and Mr Sivakumar gave his professional recommendations on which would best suit her frame.

“His expertise was evident, and I knew I was in good hands. He explained exactly how the implants would be fitted and how they would sit. I was concerned the skin on my breasts wouldn’t stretch enough for the implants, but Mr Sivakumar assured me this would not be an issue and made all my fears disappear.”

Mr Sivakumar took Carrianne through all the risks associated with surgery. Carrianne had done a large amount of research but found it reassuring to be talked through any possible scenarios by a professional. By the end of the consultation, Carrianne’s nerves had gone completely.

Making the decision

After the consultation, Mr Sivakumar told Carrianne to go home and think about what they discussed, to help her decide whether surgery was the best option and to perhaps even research other cosmetic surgery providers.

“This made me feel the company’s focus was much more on care, rather than making money. If Mr Sivakumar had just told me to go with MyBreast, I don’t think I would have felt so trusting of him.”

As Carrianne is a teacher, she was only able to have the procedure in the summer holidays. To make sure she secured the dates needed, she pencilled in a surgery after her first consultation.

Carrianne had another consultation between her first and her procedure. Mr Sivakumar made sure Carrianne knew the exact plan for her surgery and prepared her for the events of the day.

The procedure

Carrianne was met straight away at the hospital and saw her surgeon not long after her arrival.

I’m quite a nervous person and do sometimes suffer from anxiety, but I was surprised at the lack of worries I had surrounding the surgery. I was nervous when I was lying on the table prior to my operation, but when Mr Sivakumar came in, he was so calm it made all my nerves evaporate. ”

The procedure took around two hours and was a success. Carrianne was comforted when she woke up as a nurse was there beside her to continue the high-quality care she had been receiving.

“Everyone at the hospital was excellent and couldn’t do enough for me. Even the catering team came in to ask me what I would like to eat the next day, just in case I had to stay overnight.”

After the surgery, Carrianne’s blood pressure was on the lower end of normal, so she was kept in hospital until around 10 pm. Mr Sivakumar gave her another check-up later and as her condition had improved, Carrianne was able to go home.

Recovery and follow-up

Carrianne didn’t have any major difficulties, but found she was allergic to the wound dressings:

“When they asked me if I had any allergies I told them about penicillin but didn’t think to tell them my skin reacted to plasters as well. I initially experienced a lot of pain as the dressings were itchy and burned. However, I was able to call my patient advisor who confirmed with the doctor I could take anti-allergy medication alongside painkillers, which eased the reaction.”

When Carrianne went to have her dressings changed, the stitches were so clean and the wound had healed so well, another dressing was not needed.

The first couple of weeks were hard as Carrianne couldn’t get up, get dressed, or do anything for herself. Carrianne also trains in martial arts, but she wasn’t able to return to this until eight weeks post-surgery and she missed the sport when she wasn’t able to practise.

The final stages

By the time Carrianne returned to work in early September, she was still being careful, but feeling a lot better. Between two to three months after her surgery, Carrianne felt she was back to normal. Post-surgery, she had one check-up with Mr Sivakumar, who confirmed he was happy with the results.

“Mr Sivakumar made it very clear if I had any concerns I should see him again, but I had no worries. Throughout the whole process, my patient adviser was fantastic, and I received several phone calls making sure I was alright. It was so nice to get the phone call rather than an email, it felt personal and caring.”

Carrianne had 280cc breast implants, so her result was a very natural looking teardrop shape.

“I’m not self-conscious anymore. We are going on holiday to Turkey in a couple of months’ time and I already feel so much more confident and know I won’t want to keep myself covered up. In fact, it’s the first time I’m actually looking forward to wearing a bathing suit!”

Carrianne has shared a couple of photographs form her holiday in Turkey which she is happy to show on this website. Thank you Carrianne.

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