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"Thanks to Mybreast I got the look of my dreams after two unsatisfactory boob jobs"

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“I had never had any negative comments from people as I was growing up, but I had always struggled with my confidence. I would wear chicken fillets and padded bras, but underneath I knew that I was flat chested and it was all an act. All I wanted was bigger boobs.

I was only 20 years old when I decided to have a boob job. A few weeks later I got bigger boobs, but I was never satisfied with the size as they were more like a small C cup instead of a D.

I kept thinking about having another operation to make them bigger again so the second time I went for a DD. I was finally able to wear the strappy tops and feel really confident. But then I started to worry that they felt a bit hard.

I didn’t really know much about the foreign implants that I had had put in my body and I wasn’t happy about it. They were almost concrete to feel. They didn’t move around when I jumped around and they didn’t feel really natural. So I started thinking about having another boob job.

I had my third operation through MyBreast and I had softer implants put in, and I chose to have bigger implants too. This time I went up to an E cup. Now I’m really happy with how my boobs look. I don’t want to be Katie Price and keep having my boobs made bigger and bigger, but if I could have gone straight to the size and feel of them now in one operation then I would have.

I think because I was young, I just jumped straight into the first boob job without really thinking it through. If I had done some more research, I may have come across the better implants too.

I am only 25. It is a lot to have done while I am young, but finally thanks to MyBreast I enjoy how I look.”

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