Gabriela’s Mastopexy and Breast Augmentation Procedure - Mastopexy and Breast Augmentation

"I am absolutely over the moon with my new breasts! It’s wonderful there are companies like MyBreast set up that prioritise absolute safety and provide top-quality cosmetic treatments, but which you don’t have to be a celebrity to afford."

Mastopexy and breast augmentation patient case study

  • Cosmetic Surgeon: Mr William van Niekerk
  • Procedure: Mastopexy and breast augmentation
  • Operation duration: Day case
  • Post op consultation: at three months

Gabriela’s cosmetic surgery journey
43-year old Gabriela from London underwent a mastopexy and breast augmentation procedure with Mr William van Niekerk of MyBreast, part of MyAesthetics Ltd. at the London Hospital of St John and St Elizabeth in April 2017.
Gabriela had breast-fed over four years with her two children and this had a severe impact on the appearance of her breasts. Hardly any tissue remained and Gabriela said as she has a petite frame her breasts looked like empty, hanging sacks.

Gabriela sewed bras and silicone fillets into all her dresses and swimwear to try and give the impression she had fuller breasts. However, the silicone did little to help and she felt self-conscious in whatever she wore. After coming back from a summer holiday abroad in 2016, Gabriela decided enough was enough. She decided to get a loan and research cosmetic procedures.

Gabriela has always enjoyed research and threw herself whole-heartedly into the process of finding a practice that was right for her. During her search, she noticed the name of a particular surgeon repeatedly being mentioned and praised by others who had undergone cosmetic surgery: Mr William van Niekerk.

Mr William van Niekerk is one of MyBreast’s consultant reconstructive and aesthetic surgeons with over 20 years of medical experience. He served as an officer in the Royal Air Force for 14 years and was one of the handful of Armed Forces surgeons responsible for treating all British service personnel as part of the Royal Centre for Defence Medicine.

Gabriela liked the fact Mr van Niekerk had been part of the armed forces and that he specialised in reconstructive surgery. She was determined she wanted him to be her surgeon.

However, her research was showing her that he was only operating at a private clinic, which she could not afford. After digging a little deeper, Gabriela was given the contact details of MyBreast, where she was told Mr van Niekerk also operated. Gabriela rang the clinic and was impressed to discover she could get a consultation with one of the UK’s top surgeons for a very reasonable price, she could easily afford.

Why MyBreast was the only option

Gabriela could not believe quite how different her experience was with MyBreast compared to other practices she had visited, whilst doing her research:

“When I first started to consider cosmetic surgery, my first consultation was not pleasant. The doctor didn’t even look me in the eyes when he was speaking to me. He just ticked boxes on his question sheet – as though he was just answering forms to perform a filling in my teeth! He also wanted to use 450cc implants – which I knew would have been far too big!”

Gabriela never wanted ‘Pamela Anderson’ style breasts as she is sporty and thought breasts that big would not fit with her active lifestyle and small frame. She was not happy with the treatment or recommendations she’d received from other clinics and was even more determined to get an alternative opinion from MyBreast. When she attended her appointment with Mr van Niekerk in October she instantly knew he was ‘the one’.

Speaking about her first consultation Gabriela said:

“Mr van Niekerk reiterated exactly what I was already thinking – that I should not go any bigger than 330cc in each breast if I wanted a natural look. He was so realistic in his advice and for the first time, I felt as though I was speaking to someone who actually cared about what I wanted!

My consultation was very detailed – which is how I like things. I like to be told what’s going to happen step-by-step, so I feel as prepared as possible. Every question was answered and every reason behind the decision-making was explained. No question was too silly and nothing was too much trouble. I was so impressed!”

The first consultation

Mr van Niekerk explained Gabriela would need the equivalent of two procedures. A mastopexy and breast augmentation.

A mastopexy is a breast uplift operation, where several cuts are made to the breasts and the skin from around your areola and/or from under your breasts is reshaped. A surgeon may re-position your nipples and reduce the size of your areola to suit the newly formed breasts.

As Gabriela was having breast enlargement at the same time, Mr van Niekerk was to insert anatomical implants into the breasts once the new shape was created. Anatomical implants are flatter on the top and fuller on the bottom. The thinking behind this design is to give a more natural look to the breast, especially in the top half. Too much fullness in the upper part of the breast can look artificial.

Mr van Niekerk advised Gabriela to go away and think about the procedure, but after such an optimistic experience she had already decided she wanted to book an appointment. Gabriela even picked a date in April to book her surgery on.

Gabriela needed to finalise the details of her loan but said MyBreast was happy to pencil in the date for her if she was able to sort her finances relatively quickly. Gabriela was very touched by this kind gesture and the fact MyBreast understood it can take longer for some to prepare financially for a procedure than others.

The procedure

Gabriela was able to book and pay for her appointment after Christmas. She decided to go for 290cc in each breast, so she could be sure she looked as natural as possible. In the run up to the procedure, Gabriela said she was ‘petrified’. Although she was sure she was in safe hands, she’d had a friend who’d experienced complications after a breast augmentation with another cosmetic practice. Gabriela’s friend had to have her procedure corrected five times! Even though she trusted MyBreast completely she still felt nervous about undergoing something she would have no control over.

On the day of the surgery, Gabriela arrived at midday. She chatted to both Mr van Niekerk and her anaesthetist beforehand and said she was made to feel very at ease. Her procedure started at around 3 pm and she awoke at 7 pm in the evening. She stayed overnight in hospital to recover. Gabriela said the anaesthesia made her feel unwell, but she felt a little better the next day and was able to return home then.

Recovery and follow-up

Gabriela was instructed to take a minimum of two weeks off work and daily chores in order to recover. She was given pain medication and very detailed paperwork containing all the information she needed to help her to recover as quickly as possible.

After ten days Gabriela met with the nurse at her hospital to have her bandages changed and they were removed completely after three weeks. She found the first few days after her procedure the most difficult:

“Whilst taking time off to recover, I was very nervous about what my new breasts would look like. When I first woke up after the procedure, I felt I looked like Frankenstein! After around three weeks though I was much better and I would say that after about five weeks I felt pretty much fully recovered. One thing I didn’t like though was the two months I had to have away from exercising, so my breasts could fully heal – I really missed it!

The realisation of how good the results were didn’t occur until my bandages were fully removed. When I saw my new breasts, it was the first time I felt like a woman – I cried with joy.”

At the end of June, Gabriela had her three-month follow-up consultation with her surgeon. Mr Van Niekerk thoroughly checked her breasts and scars and confirmed all was well and as it should be. He also measured her new breast size, which was 30DD.

The final stages

Gabriela was so pleased with her experiences with MyBreast that she documented them on realself – a website, where individuals considering or going through cosmetic procedures can discuss and share advice. It was not only Gabriela who was impressed with her results – many of her friends were as well and two even booked appointments to discuss cosmetic treatment with MyBreast over the next year.

Talking about the final outcome of her procedure Gabriela said:

“I am absolutely over the moon with my new breasts! It’s wonderful there are companies like MyBreast set up that prioritise absolute safety and provide top-quality cosmetic treatments, but which you don’t have to be a celebrity to afford.

My new breasts were even better than what I’d aspired to have – I feel so much more confident. After my surgery, my friends and I celebrated by cutting up all the bras I’d originally sewn into my dresses – it was such a cathartic experience! I bought a Victoria’s Secret tankini last year, but I’d had to alter it due to my breasts not being able to fill it. After my procedure, I tried it on again and was delighted to find it now fits me perfectly – I cannot wait to wear it again on holiday this year.”

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