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"Lisa - Breast Lift"

Nothing short of AMAZING!

To anyone who wants a breast lift – Dr. William Van Niekirk & The St Johns & Elizabeth Hospital are the ONLY way to go. Dr Van Niekirk is kind, caring, HONEST, meticulous and a true master at his profession. My breasts are symmetrical, pert & gorgeous. My scars are pencil line thin, neat and tidy. Every part of my experience was fabulous.

Background on me & my story…

After breast feeding my son & suffering significant weight loss my breasts were empty sacks and desperately needed lifting. In 2014 I had a Mastopexy in a highly rated, very expensive clinic in Sloane Square. My surgeon told me that once lifted, the tissue in the breast would not be enough for a cup, so therefore I would need an implant to achieve the shape. As soon as I woke from my operation I hated my ‘new boobs’ – they were huge and fake. He told me to wait as the swelling would go down… it never did! At 6 months the surgeon told me he would re-operate to remove the implants and re-lift the breast for a further fee of £8k. I lived with my 32E cup breasts for 18 months until I couldn’t stand them any longer. Not wanting to put any more money in the initial Surgeons pocket, I set out to find someone new…

I spoke with Irena over the phone and instantly felt at ease with her honest, non-pushy approach. She was genuinely sorry for my past experience. When I met Dr Van Niekerk he gave me the facts. He spent over an hour talking to me and giving me varying scenarios & outcomes of the surgery. He told me that my skin was my skin and although he would lift my breasts and reshape them without the implant in, ultimately overtime, the skin would stretch back out and I would, at some point, still have slightly visible stretch marks due to the damage the skin had already suffered. I appreciated the fact that he told me the truth! No sales spiel to get me under the knife. No promises of perfection. Just honesty from the word go.

My previous procedure in Sloane Square in 2014 was extremely expensive. I shared the recovery room with 5 other patients, our beds divided by curtains. I was sent home 2 hours after the anaesthetic wore off with no food as they had forgotten to note that I was gluten intolerant & they only had sandwiches. I paid £3k less for the procedure with Dr Van Nierkirk and this included implant removal! I had my own private room with a television & ensuite bathroom in the St Johns & Elizabeth Hospital, an overnight stay after my operation, a 3-course dinner, a night time snack and breakfast the following morning. I had round the clock care by nurses. Before the surgery took place Mr Van Niekerk spent approximately an hour with me, talking thorough the procedure, measuring me, drawing on me, and answering any questions I had. It was worlds apart from my first experience in Sloane Square. I cannot rate him & his team highly enough.

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