Lucy’s Natural Looking Breast Enlargement - Breast Augmentation

"I have so much more confidence. I cannot thank MyBreast enough!"

Breast augmentation patient case study

  • Procedure: Breast augmentation
  • Operation duration: Day case
  • Post op consultations: 7 days and 12 weeks
  • Surgeon: Professor Marcos Sforza
  • Hospital: Harley Health Village

Lucy’s cosmetic surgery journey

25-year-old Lucy’s chest had always been her biggest insecurity and her main reason for seeking cosmetic surgery was because her AA breasts made her feel masculine-looking.

“I’d wanted a boob job for years. Once I’d finished going through puberty and realised my breasts weren’t going to get any bigger, I knew it was something I was going to do.”

Why MyBreast was the right choice

One of Lucy’s friends recommended the expertise of Professor Marcos Sforza, as she had previously worked with him at another surgery. She spoke very highly of him and of how happy all his patients had been:

“Marcos is well respected and a big name in the industry. I never considered going to another practice, because I knew I only wanted to have surgery with him.

“Price was never going to be the main deciding factor because a reputable clinic was always my main priority. For me, it was more important to know I had the expertise of a really great surgeon, like Marcos.”

After reading multiple, glowing reviews about MyBreast on Trust Pilot, she was even more confident in her choice.

Taking the first steps

Lucy had her first consultation in February 2018 and met with Professor Sforza and a MyBreast patient advisor.

Lucy found the discussion very helpful and extremely professional. She liked how Professor Sforza made sure Lucy had a well-rounded view of the procedure and understood all potential risks.

Lucy’s best cosmetic option happened to be one of the most straightforward. Marcos recommended placing Motiva implants under the muscle to achieve a natural look.

Lucy was very happy with these suggestions:

“We decided to go from a 34AA to the equivalent of a 34C. I wanted my new breasts to look super natural. I didn’t want people to look at me and instantly assume I’d had a boob job.

“I’m so happy with the choice of implants too. They really are a step above the rest. I love how they are round – but still have flexibility – so move as normal boobs do. They are fabulous!”

Making the decision easier

For Lucy’s consultation, Marcos used virtual reality 3D imaging, to help her see how she would look after a cosmetic procedure. This innovative, new technology allows a patient to see the potential results of procedures prior to surgery.

The technology works by scanning body parts in 3D with an iPad, then providing simulation tools to manipulate the 3D model of the client. This gives patients a glimpse at what they could expect to see from a surgical procedure.

Marcos programmed the machine to show which sizes he thought would suit Lucy. At first, she was a little unnerved and it took her a while to get used to ‘seeing’ herself with increased breast tissue. However, she soon realised they were exactly what she wanted.

MyBreast even sent her the link to the images so she could take them home and show them with friends and family to get their thoughts and feedback too.

After her consultation, Lucy went through all the costings with her patient advisor. At that point she wasn’t looking to have her procedure for about 9 months, due to work commitments.

Lucy was really pleased there were no pushy sales tactics, despite the fact, there was going to be a bit of a wait for her procedure. Lucy felt really respected and at ease.

A change of plan

Lucy went ahead with her procedure earlier than planned, when she decided to quit her job in July. As she didn’t have any work commitments, she booked her surgery for August.

MyBreast offered Lucy another consultation, in case she had any additional questions, but she felt all her needs had been met and was ready for surgery:

“I had no concerns about having the procedure and felt very prepared. The only thing I was a little anxious about was going under general anaesthetic, as I’d never had an operation before.”

What happened on the day

Lucy was admitted to the hospital at around 11 am and had all the medical checks required including being weighed, having her blood pressure measured and taking a pregnancy test.

The anaesthetist checked to see if she had any allergies and reassured her anti-sickness medication would resolve any nausea.

Marcos arrived and took photos of her prior to surgery and completed all her markings before she was given anaesthetic. Her procedure took around 45 minutes in total:

“Everyone was so surprised I wasn’t nervous! I was jumping around the theatre and couldn’t wait to see my implants. I just thought ‘I’ve got nothing to be scared about – this is the best day of my life’!”

The first thing Lucy noticed when she woke after surgery, was instant tightness around her chest due to compression garments, but it wasn’t painful. Once the anaesthetic had worn off more, Marcos came in to see how she was doing and loosened her bandages.

This was followed by the nurse providing her with the antibiotics and painkillers she needed. After around six hours in the hospital, Lucy was able to return home.

The recovery

Lucy found the recovery time much easier than she had anticipated. She took Ibuprofen for a couple of days but didn’t need to use the stronger painkillers.

However, she did find a few elements a little inconvenient:

“The most awkward thing was not being able to shower for a week, as you feel really grubby! I also hadn’t realised there were little things I couldn’t do straight away, which I’d taken for granted. Like making a cup of tea because I couldn’t lift the kettle.

“However, I was very lucky to have both my brother and sister at home with me for the first few days, so I was really well looked after.”

After two days Lucy found she was able to walk around and do the little things she’d missed again. She found the tightness across her chest got better every day and after a week she was able to take the tube to have her bandages removed.

“I was surprised how quickly I became active again. The only thing which worried me the first time I left the house, was someone potentially elbowing me, so I was walking around shielding my boobs at every opportunity!”

Lucy was driving properly after two weeks and able to return to the gym about two months after surgery.

Life after surgery

Once the bandages were removed, Lucy found the aftercare very simple. She was surprised all she needed was an antiseptic scrub and Savlon cream to help with her healing.

She did experience a small infection, which was a reaction to her stitches a few weeks after her bandages were removed.

However, after sending her patient advisor some photos, she had a response from Marcos after only 20 minutes, reassuring her it was not serious and all she needed was antibiotics from her GP.

Lucy’s first check-up with Marcos was after 12 weeks and she couldn’t wait to show him her new breasts. She was delighted with the results and happy Marcos could confirm everything was as it should be:

 “I’m a brand-new woman. In the past, I would never take my top off in front of my partner with the lights on. But now I would literally swing my bra off over my head, lasso it and show everything! I have so much more confidence. I cannot thank MyBreast enough!”

How can I make breast implants look normal?

Much of this is down to the skill of the surgeon and the size and type of implants used. In Lucy’s case going from 34AA to 34C was not going to make the breast look unnaturally large.

Talk to your surgeon about the look you would like and he or she will be able to advise you on the best type of surgery to give you the natural look you would like.

What makes breast implants look fake?

If you naturally have small breasts and you add large implants the breasts may appear out of proportion with the base of the breast and the rest of your body. They may also appear unnaturally round or even inflated like a balloon.

It’s best to discuss your desired outcome, and any concerns you may have, with your surgeon so you can be clear on what you’d like and how best this can be achieved.

Can breast implants look natural?

With a skilful surgeon breast implants can look completely natural. By selecting the most suitable breast implant for your body and positioning it correctly a breast augmentation can give you the look you would like, both feeling and looking natural.

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