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"I feel so much happier and I’m much more active."

Breast augmentation patient case study

  • Cosmetic surgeon: Mr Duncan Atherton BSc MBBS MRCS(Eng) MD FRCS(Plast)
  • Procedure: breast reduction
  • Operation duration: Overnight stay
  • Post op consultation: at one week and three months

Lynn’s cosmetic surgery journey

Lynn had always had large breasts but after turning 60 they became even bigger and more uncomfortable. As a result, she endured years of neck, shoulder and back-ache, as well as issues with her knees.

“I had ridges on my shoulders where my bra straps sat and I had to have physio for my neck as well as taking regular pain-killers. As a result of their size, I was getting sweaty, developing sores and I felt awful. I had comments from people about their size, which I found so embarrassing and I felt so self-conscious all the time.”

Last January, Lynn was watching the well-known television programme, Embarrassing Bodies and saw a breast reduction segment involving Patrick Mallucci, one of MyBreast’s founding surgeons. She was so impressed with the results shown, she decided to get in touch with MyBreast.

The first consultation

As a nurse, Lynn is used to seeing consultations taking place, but she was still nervous in the build-up to her own. However, all her fears evaporated when she met Mr Atherton for the first time. The primary consultation lasted an hour.

“At the start I initially felt a little embarrassed, because the consultation felt as though I was baring my soul to someone. However, Mr Atherton was brilliant and made me feel very comfortable. He made notes while he was talking, so it didn’t seem like he was examining me too much. He got to know me and how I felt before he even got out the tape measure or talked about the procedure.”

She had researched breast reductions, so was prepared before her consultation. However, Mr Atherton was able to go through all the associated risks and details of what the procedure would entail.

“I just wanted him to be honest and tell me if, at 67, I was too old for the procedure. He assured me as long as I was in good health, he was happy to go ahead. Mr Atherton wanted to have a second consultation because I’m a mature patient. He wanted to check the procedure was exactly what I wanted, I was in the right frame of mind and I was sure he was the right practitioner for me.”

At her second consultation, Lynn was asked what size she wanted her breasts reduced to and if she had any remaining concerns. She knew she wanted to go ahead and was certain Mr Atherton was the surgeon for her.

“There’s no hard sell and no attitude you need to be ‘fixed’ at MyBreast. It’s all about what’s best for you, with no compromise on care. I felt important.”

The procedure

On account of her age, Lynn had an ECG and routine blood testing before her procedure to check she was in good health for surgery.

The procedure took four and a half hours. Mr Atherton came to see Lynn on the morning of the procedure and asked if she had any worries:

“I told him; ‘I’m not worried about you’. I trusted his professionalism and expertise completely. I said to him afterwards he reminded me of a tailor, with a tape measure around his neck with him drawing on me, planning the surgery. He joked that is exactly what he is and that his job was to tailor my body.

“I came out of surgery with two little drains, a little bit of soreness and nausea, but no pain. I wore the bra recommended by MyBreast for post-surgery. When I looked down for the first time, I couldn’t see anything, but that was a lovely feeling!”

Because of Lynn’s age, Mr Atherton sent over the tissue removed during the surgery for histology, to see if there were any underlying health issues. The histology came back negative and all was clear.

Lynn stayed at the hospital overnight and was released the next day. Due to the amount of tissue removed, 1.2kg from each breast, Mr Atherton wanted to make absolutely sure there were no complications. The morning after surgery, the drains were taken out and Lynn was discharged.

Recovery and final stages

Lynn had little pain and no difficulties in her recovery but did have limited mobility for a couple of weeks.

“My husband had to help me a lot, which drove me mad because I am fiercely independent. One day he even tried to dry my hair; I looked like something the cat dragged in! I wasn’t allowed to lift things but I got on with my normal routine as best I could.

Her stitches were taken out on the following Wednesday and she was amazed by how much the wound had healed. Tape strips were placed over the wound, which Lynn removed a week later.

“You can hardly see the scars now and I feel privileged to have had Mr Atherton as my surgeon. I used to wear a 34GG, but in reality, I knew I was actually much bigger. At the moment I’m wearing a 34DD. I feel so much happier and I’m much more active.”

Lynn was so impressed by the quality of care shown by MyBreast, she recommended her sister have the same procedure.

“When she saw the results of my surgery, she wished she could have the same as she suffered from similar problems from her breasts. The surgery was a complete success and she is just as happy as I am with her results.”

Lynn had one post-op consultation but has seen Mr Atherton three times with her sister, so he has monitored the recovery process closely, documenting Lynn’s journey with photos.

“When I saw the before and after pictures, I couldn’t believe that’s what I used to look like. I never used to look in the mirror, because I didn’t want to see myself. There aren’t enough stars to rate MyBreast. From start to finish everybody there has just been brilliant. It’s changed my life completely.”

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