Maria’s Breast Enlargement Operation - Breast Surgery

"The nurses looking after me were very attentive. It was just an amazing experience overall, completely spot on"

Breast augmentation patient case study

  • Cosmetic surgeon: Simon Withey BA BM Bch MA FRCS FRCS (Plas)
  • Procedure: Breast augmentation
  • Operation duration: Day case
  • Post-op consultations: First at two weeks, then at three weeks, three months and six months

Maria’s cosmetic surgery journey

34-year-old Maria from London underwent a breast augmentation procedure with Mr Simon Withey of MyBreast, part of MyAesthetics Ltd. at the London Hospital of St John & St Elizabeth 3 years ago. We met back up with Maria this year, so she could share her experience.

Maria initially began to be conscious of the size of her chest when she was a teenager:

“The size of my breasts had affected my confidence since adolescence. I think the first time I ever thought about having a boob job was when I was 15 and I imagined if I ever won the lottery, it would be the first thing I did.”

After Maria had children, her breasts looked even smaller and had sagged and lost their shape, due to breastfeeding.

By this time, she was deeply unhappy with her breasts’ appearance and didn’t even want to look at herself in the mirror. As soon as Maria could afford to, she decided to undergo surgery.

Weighing up the options

Before her first consultation at MyBreast, Maria visited another cosmetic surgery clinic, but quickly realised the company wasn’t right for her. After a short initial meeting with their patient advisor, Maria was booked in to see one of their surgeons. During the consultation with the surgeon, he seemed completely disinterested in her case and spent the majority of the ten-minute meeting on his phone.

Speaking about this experience, Maria said:

“I felt like their surgeon didn’t even know I was in the room. I was considering either 270cc or 290cc implants, as I wanted a similar size to a friend who had implants too. I needed his professional opinion on which would suit my frame best, but he avoided the question and said either ‘would be fine’.

“The surgeon didn’t seem to show any consideration for my body type. I was really unimpressed with the consultation and I think even the patient advisor knew I wasn’t going to go ahead with the procedure.”

Why Maria chose MyBreast

Maria’s first consultation experience at MyBreast couldn’t have been more different and Maria immediately felt comfortable with Mr Withey their surgeon. His knowledge and attentiveness to her throughout their meeting reassured her that she was making the right decision and she was in safe hands.

As with her previous consultation, she told him about her wish for either 270cc or 290cc implants. He advised Maria instantly both implant sizes were much too big for her frame, as she is very slim.

“Mr Withey told me that 240cc would be the biggest he would use, as larger implants would actually stretch the skin too tight. When I tried on the implant sizes, they did look surprisingly big. He advised the 210cc would give me the natural look I wanted.”

Maria found the consultation very informative and was told in detail about the risks involved with surgery and what was needed to optimise recovery:

“After my consultation with Mr Withey, I felt I knew exactly what I was signing up for. Initially, I was a little scared of going under general anaesthetic, but he assured me there was nothing to worry about and made me feel very comfortable.”

Maria was asked to take some time to think through her recommended options, before pursuing a second consultation. When it came around, Maria agreed she was happy for Mr Withey to decide which implant size he thought would look best on the day of surgery.

Maria was excited to finally be undergoing the procedure she had wanted for such a long time.

The procedure

On the day of surgery, Maria was admitted at around midday, but her procedure wasn’t until around 7:00 pm. During the wait, Maria began to feel nervous, so the anaesthetist gave her some medication to calm her nerves. Maria then felt much less apprehensive when entering the theatre.

After waking up from her procedure, she spent around 40 minutes in the recovery room before being taken back upstairs to rest:

“When I woke up the next day I didn’t really feel any pain. I had drains in, but even when they were removed it didn’t hurt. The nurses looking after me were very attentive. It was just an amazing experience overall, completely spot on.”

Mr Withey came to check on Maria personally before she was discharged. He gave her painkillers and antibiotics to go home with to aid her recovery and make her feel more comfortable.

Follow up and recovery

Maria wasn’t in much pain once she returned from hospital. Mr Withey informed her she may experience pain in the recovery, but she wasn’t prepared for the loss of feeling she experienced due to muscle seizure a few days later:

“The day I returned from the hospital, I felt amazing. I actually started to hoover, until my husband took it away! However, on the second day it started to become more uncomfortable. On day three I forgot to take my painkillers before bed and I couldn’t get up in the morning. My muscles had seized up!”

However, after only one-week Maria felt well enough to return to work, as her desk job wasn’t too physically demanding.

At two weeks post-surgery, Maria had her surgical dressings changed. Mr Withey was present to give guidance and ensure everything was ok at this early stage of recovery.

Three weeks post-surgery, Maria had a more in-depth check-up to see if everything was healing as it should be.

The final stages

Maria had consultations after three months and again at six months post-surgery. She now has large C cups, exactly what she wanted.

Mr Withey was open to seeing her whenever she needed after her final follow-up, but she has not had any problems since for this to be required.

Speaking about her overall experience with MyBreast, Maria said:

“Six months post-operation my new breasts felt completely my own. I don’t feel like I have implants.

“Thank God Mr Withey didn’t let me have the bigger size! The surgery has changed my life, without a doubt. I am much more confident, and it makes me so happy when I can wear a top without a bra, or a low-cut dress.

“If I was to do it all again, I wouldn’t change a thing.”


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