Samantha’s cosmetic surgery journey - Breast Surgery

"People are shocked when they hear I have had a boob job, as they look so natural."

Breast augmentation patient case study

  • Procedure: breast augmentation
  • Operation duration: Day case
  • Post op consultation: at one week and six months

Samantha’s cosmetic surgery journey

Samantha always had small breasts and felt very self-conscious about the size of her chest as she was growing up.

“When I was young, I was quite broad and muscular as I used to do a lot of swimming, so I always felt disproportionate. I wore padded bras to try and make my shape more womanly. Even from an early age, I knew I wanted to have a boob job.”

By the time she turned 22, Samantha had decided the time had come for the breast augmentation she had wanted for so long.

Why MyBreast was the only option

As her Mother had previously had cosmetic surgery, Samantha first went to see her surgeon. However, she decided this was not the clinic for her.

“During the consultation, the surgeon told me to go home and fill a bag with rice then put this in my bra until I found the size I wanted. I was told they could work out the required implant size from the weight of the rice. I didn’t see how this would be able to give me a clear picture of the outcome I desired and was unimpressed with the service.”

Samantha began to research other clinics, but ten years ago, when she decided she wanted surgery, online reviews weren’t as common as they are today.

“I read through the reviews I could find and the suite of different options available. This is how I decided to go ahead with MyBreast. It looked like it had the most fully inclusive package and I was impressed with the aftercare offered.”

The first consultation

Samantha’s first consultation with MyBreast was completely different to her consultation with the previous practice her mother had used. She found her MyBreast surgeon to be very professional and informative.

“He was letting me try on different bras and cup sizes and I was able to put my clothes back on to get a real idea of what my shape would be like. It felt like he was really trying to make sure I was comfortable with the outcome.”

Her surgeon recommended rounded implants as opposed to teardrop shaped, to achieve the aesthetic Samantha wanted and he gave his own recommendation of implant size.

Samantha’s mother went with her to the consultation and both were impressed by the genuine care they received from MyBreast. Samantha came out of the consultation ready to go ahead and feeling excited about the procedure.

The procedure

Samantha was sent an itinerary, so she knew what to expect on the day. The procedure lasted around two hours.

To achieve a more natural look, her surgeon opted to put half of the implant over the breast muscle and half underneath. This involved cutting the pectoral muscle, so the top of the implant had a natural slope down to the nipple, with a rounded neat tuck at the bottom.

The operation was a success and Samantha left hospital on the same day.

Recovery and follow-up

Samantha had a consultation soon after her operation to ensure everything was normal. However, Samantha found the weeks following the procedure hard and her recovery process was abnormally severe.

“The recovery process was not what I expected, and I found it very difficult. I couldn’t use my arms properly for about four weeks after surgery. I had to hire 24-hour care as I was unable to do anything for myself. I had to take four weeks off work and then work from home for another two, which was much longer than planned.”

In addition, Samantha experienced significantly more swelling than expected.

“The area from my collar bone to my rib cage looked like one big speedbump, it was so swollen. I was worried this mono-boob would last forever and wouldn’t get better! My mum rang the out of hours doctors’ service for advice and was reassured the swelling was completely normal at this stage of recovery.”

Samantha had another consultation at her own request after the initial check-up, which she was able to have as a result of MyBreast’s lifetime aftercare guarantee.

“At the time, I was concerned my breasts were too large. MyBreast was so supportive and I was able to easily book the consultation with the surgeon who performed my surgery to discuss my concerns. After an in-depth discussion, I decided not to go ahead with a reduction.”

The final stages

Ten years on from her breast augmentation, Samantha is still really happy with her breasts.

“People are shocked when they hear I have had a boob job, as they look so natural. I love them, they’re very practical and I never have to worry about wearing strapless bras. I feel very womanly and sometimes I forget they’re fake, they’re a part of me.”

However, she believes if she had waited until the age she is now, the results may have been a little different as she might have gone for slightly smaller implants.

“This is the only thing I would say I am not completely satisfied with, as I am now a 30H, which is a bit bigger than I had originally planned. However, my boobs still look incredible, even after breastfeeding my son for two years.

“I was so happy with the service I received at MyBreast, I recommended it to three friends who all then went on to have surgery. MyBreast recognises a cosmetic procedure is a big decision and it makes sure people are ready to commit in their own time.

“I never felt pressured and was highly impressed with the aftercare I received, especially as my recovery was quite difficult. Overall I had a really lovely experience with the team and its surgeons.”

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