Scarlett’s cosmetic surgery journey - Breast Augmentation, Implants with Fat Transfer

"MyBreast has changed my life for the better and I honestly can’t thank the team enough."

Breast augmentation patient case study

  • Procedure: breast augmentation, implants with fat transfer
  • Operation duration: Day case
  • Post op consultation: at 10 days and 12 weeks
  • Surgeon: Professor Marcos Sforza

Scarlett’s cosmetic surgery journey

Scarlett has always been insecure about her breasts, as she had grown up with hypoplasia and she would often wear baggy jumpers to try and hide her breasts.

Hypoplasia is caused by breast tissue not proliferating properly during puberty. Signs can include the area surrounding the nipple appearing to be constricted; the dark area of the areola appearing enlarged; a lack of symmetry and one breast is noticeably larger than the other.

‘I felt they were extremely small and slightly odd looking and I remember feeling self-conscious from around the age of ten.

“When I turned eighteen, I seriously began to consider having surgery. By the age of nineteen, I was financially able to have the procedure, so I decided to go ahead.”

Reading Trustpilot reviews, Scarlett found MyBreast’s to be particularly positive so was encouraged to contact the team.

Why MyBreast was the only option

MyBreast called Scarlett and she was immediately impressed with its professionalism and caring manner. However, she wasn’t as impressed with the other clinics she also spoke to while researching other possible options.

“They were calling and emailing me two or three times a day. The pressure was all too much.

“The person I spoke to at MyBreast was wonderful. She was really informative and answered all my questions. It didn’t feel like the company was forcing the decision on me. I knew MyBreast would be the best fit for me.”

As a student of Biotechnology and Biochemistry, Scarlett was impressed by Professor Sforza’s expertise, which she read about in his many published papers. This gave her even more faith in his skills as a surgeon.

The first consultation

Scarlett had a very positive first consultation and felt she was well looked after by everyone in the clinic.

Professor Sforza showed Scarlett the different implant options, they discussed the size she wanted to be and he gave his own professional recommendations.

Scarlett is on a Rugby team and very active, so it was important her new breasts were a sensible size for her lifestyle. She was also concerned about the amount of time she would have to take away from training during her recovery.

“Professor Sforza was able to answer all my questions and concerns about training and returning to playing during my consultation.

“He recommended a dual implant – half under, half over the muscle – not only to ensure a natural look but to alleviate the risk of the implant rippling when I was playing rugby.”

Scarlett also used Crisalix 3D imaging during her first consultation. This is a virtual reality technology which allows a patient to see the potential results of procedures prior to surgery.

The technology works by scanning body parts in 3D with an iPad, then providing simulation tools to manipulate the 3D model of the client. This gives patients a glimpse at what they could expect to see from a surgical procedure.

‘Before & After’ 3D images can be created from this technology, to show potential results from every considered outcome, while viewing simulated enhancements through the glasses.

Scarlet’s thoughts on the technology were extremely positive:

“It’s brilliant! Bazaar, but wonderful. The photos definitely allowed me to imagine what it would be like and helped me make my decision.”

After the consultation, Scarlett decided to have the surgery. A second consultation finalised the best size for her and they also discussed having fat transfer alongside the implants.

“The additional fat transfer appealed to me as it disguises the outline of the implant and it was really important to me that my breasts looked and felt as natural as possible. I didn’t want to look like I had Barbie boobs stuck on me!”

The procedure

On the day, the procedure took around two and a half hours and was undertaken at Harley Health Village.

Scarlett had previously had a bad reaction to an anaesthetic, but she was able to speak to the anaesthetist who alleviated any fears.

“The staff at the hospital were wonderful, anything I needed they were there. It was the best care I had ever received at a hospital. My mum and nan went off to lunch and my procedure was finished by around 1:30 pm.

“Straight after I woke up, I think I was still a little bit out of it and I remember asking the nurse if I had boobs yet! I was absolutely ecstatic even then. When Professor Sforza came in to see me after surgery I sat straight up, in my excitement forgetting you shouldn’t do this straight after surgery, and he had to tell me to be more careful!”

After Professor Sforza had checked the results of her procedure, Scarlett was discharged and she was able to leave the hospital the same day, by around 4 pm.

Recovery and follow-up

Scarlett found the first two days hard, but the pain and the swelling from the liposuction were worse for her than the pain from her augmentation. She was prescribed painkillers, but only needed them for two days post-surgery.

“For the first three weeks the happiness of finally having the breasts I wanted eclipsed any pain.

“The only problem I had was an internal stitch trying to make its way out, but this was easily removed by my GP and I was able to see Professor Sforza very quickly to check everything was ok. The whole recovery was very smooth.”

Ten days after her procedure, Scarlett was cleared to start lower body workouts. She was able to exercise her upper body at about six weeks post-surgery

Scarlett had a check-up at around 12 weeks where she was given the all clear to begin rugby training.

The outcome

Scarlett is extremely happy with her results and has even recommended MyBreast to others.

“I am a different person today because I feel so much more confident. I love how natural the results are and how quickly I’ve adapted to the augmentation. It feels like they have always been there and I am much happier when I look in the mirror now.”

“MyBreast has changed my life for the better and I honestly can’t thank the team enough.”

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