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The Evolution of the Selfie

Posted on May 12, 2016

The rise of the selfie has been as fast as it has been far –reaching. Indeed, it is hard to go a day without seeing a picture that qualifies as a selfie. The act of taking a picture of ourselves has become so prevalent that we now have a product whose sole purpose is to increase the range of a selfie – aptly named the selfie stick.

With this rise has naturally come evolution – categories and subcategories of selfies that offer their own unique twist on the act. The terminology of selfies is now so vast that you would be forgiven for confusion. Can you tell your delfie from your belfie? Your felfie from your selfeye?

MyBreast has explored “The Evolution of the Selfie” with the same vigour and intrigue as Darwin did with species, to bring you up to speed on the issue. We have also included the number of times these selfie forms have been hashtagged on Instagram so you can gauge for yourself their prevalence and popularity, as well as exploring some of the less-advisable “danger” selfies, the results of which all too often adorn the evening news.

So next time you are preparing to take a humble selfie, check out our infographic and ask yourself if there is a selfie niche you could be exploring!