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Vitamins and Minerals for Skin and Hair

Posted on December 21, 2016

Nothing plays a bigger role in looking amazing and feeling great than having healthy skin and hair. Unfortunately, silky sleek locks and glowing skin can be difficult to attain and even harder to maintain with the effects of cold weather, sun damage or a diet lacking in essential vitamins and minerals taking their toll, resulting in cracked skin and weak hair.

So what exactly can be done to stay looking fresh and young? Luckily you are not at the mercy of the elements! The nutrients found in everyday foods can be the difference between brittle and brilliant hair and turn the tides on flaky skin to look fabulous!

That’s why we have gathered exactly which vitamins and minerals you need to tackle the symptoms of damaged skin and hair, including the foods you can find them in! So no longer fight fruitlessly against dull skin and brittle hair by checking out our infographic below!