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When We’ve Changed

Posted on March 27, 2018

It is no coincidence that most of my clients come to me after they have gone through a major change.  This has consequently caused them to feel differently about themselves both physically and emotionally.  They then have what I call a ‘style wobble’ – when they look at their wardrobe, their image and their shape and wonder whether they are really dressing like they want to, do they look the best they can or are they dressing in clothes that worked for them last year but don’t now.  Although it can be a confusing time, in an adverse way it can be a positive step to a more confident and vibrant expression of the true you – which is exactly what style should be.

Post-operation is naturally a significant time when we will look but more importantly feel differently about our body shape. Ultimately, we are generally looking for balance in our clothing so increasing or decreasing your size, in any part of your body, will require different emphasis in your wardrobe. 

I remember loving my pregnancy months and having to shop for a bigger bra was wonderful, but I noticed that I was more aware of my chest size so was a little more aware of low necks & tight tops, I balanced this with wide or loose-leg trousers.  When our chest size increases we instantly create more of an hour glass figure and therefore can look more feminine in all that we wear.  It may not feel that way but that is how body shape works – which is simply based on curves and lines.

As an ‘outside the box’ stylist I like to mix things up and show my clients how they can wear just what they want.  We can dress in a more neutral and even slightly masculine way if we have a larger bust – it can be a very powerful look.  Angelina Jolie caused a style sensation when she wore a suit!  It sounds like a contradiction, but it can look edgy, too. Any fitted clothing in the bust will instantly have shape.  I particularly love classic shirts, boat neck tops and tops with more ruffling or detail and in less flowing fabrics i.e. starched cotton.  When we are smaller these styles tend to drown our feminine shape and unless we are tall, can shorten our bodies. The point to remember is that after a change in body shape, areas you may have previously hidden or disguised, you can now dress to emphasise.

After decreasing your curves, you may want to create more emphasis and you may feel more comfortable wearing tighter tops, fitted blouses and lower necklines which will all enhance your size.  Fabric also has a big impact, its time to turn you back on chunky knits, shapeless or loose tops that hide your shape, so you can try more light and flowing fabrics, finer detail and pattern, or blouses with a low or smaller collar.  Wrap over tops and dresses are incredibly flattering for a more refined figure.

But, as always, it is very much down to you and how you want to look!  If you like to look very feminine then you should.  Women have a wonderful amount of options open to us but sadly that can also cause confusion and uncertainty too.

A general styling rule is the 50/50 rule.  Wear 50% tight clothing on one half of your body and 50% loose on the other.

Style comes from within and is the expression of yourself in a true way, post-baby, operation or any major change in our lives.  A ‘style wobble’ can be a moment of growth and empowerment.  As one of my clients stated, ‘Right, I’ve kicked that in to touch, now I am going to dress precisely how I want to!’  Exactly right.

If you would like help dressing your new body shape, then please get in touch!