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Winter – the time to wear colour!

Posted on October 3, 2017

jo4We are seasonally fickle in the UK. The summer brings out the best in us but sadly the winter does the opposite. We find the darkness, dreariness & drizzle impacts on our mood. We start to feel blue.

Welcome! I am Jo Baldwin Trott, London-based image expert, personal stylist and colour evangelist. I am excited to be offering you my first article for the leading cosmetic surgery group in the UK.

Other cosmetic surgery companies have approached me in the past but when I discovered MyAesthetics/MyBreast’s ethos I was seriously impressed.  A company that puts so much importance on the overall health of their clients, the importance of mental health and the consideration for natural harmony gets my vote. I hope I get yours!

Once a month I will give you guidance on style, image, colour and confidence. I will offer advice and tips on how to look good but more importantly feel good. I love to show my clients how to make the most of their natural body shape but the most exciting part of styling with colour is the difference the RIGHT colour can make. Colour is an instant way to look and feel better and more invigorated. Wintertime is THE time to do this.


You may have packed away your fuchsia tops & your turquoise t’s but I suggest you unpack them.

Winter is the time to wear these colours to create more positive energy & creativity. Pink, green, red, orange, purple and turquoise have an IMMEDIATE positive impact on how we feel.  Each colour has its own vibration level and can not only help you to feel more positive, energised and creative but also help those around you. Adversely wearing black especially all black, on a regular basis is being linked to depression. Colour works with our natural energy centres – our chakras – helping us to feel balanced, grounded and loved.

If you’re a black fan, and sadly most British women are as they worry about ‘blending in’ (to be covered in a future article), then lift your overall vibration by wearing it with red (a key colour this season), orange, raspberry or pink (and yes, I do mean men too!).  Better still wear more navy, camel or light grey with these key colours. These are softer and more flattering neutrals for the average skin tone in the UK.


I will look forward to bringing you my next article focusing on winter style and please comment and engage with me via this website so I can tackle the issue you’d like to hear about?

Jo is based in London and L.A. She has featured in the Sunday Telegraph and is called upon as an expert in image and colour by the media and offers the following services: Colour Discovery, Wardrobe Edit, Make-up Colour Matching, Personal Shopping, Personal Branding & Corporate Presentations. She also lectures at the London College of Style and works as a volunteer for the charity DASH & the LOC in Harley Street.

jumpJo invites you to join her in her quest to #brightenupBritan and try to feature in more orange, red, green, purple & turquoise!  If you would like to discover more about the colours that are right for you or would like any help with styling and image then please get in touch. If you’d like a one-to-one with Jo please call her on +447867728656 or email She would love to connect with you.