Plastic Surgery FAQ’s
This page is dedicated to answering some of the most frequently asked questions received at Mybreast, regarding all parts of the surgery process.

Plastic Surgery FAQ’s

MyBreast aims to be an unrivalled source of information on all the types of surgical and non-surgical cosmetic procedures that we offer, including breast enlargement, breast reduction, rhinoplasty, abdominoplasty and wrinkle relaxing treatments.

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How much will breast enlargement cost?

How will MyBreast care for me after surgery?

How much time off will I need?

When will I be able to go back to the gym?

Can I still breastfeed after having breast surgery?

How soon after breastfeeding can I have breast surgery?

How long will my implants last?

Will breast augmentation affect my risk of developing breast cancer?

Should I choose over or under the muscle?

Will augmentation affect the sensation in my nipples?

My breasts are droopy/ very different to each other. Can I still go ahead?

How much will breast enlargement surgery cost?

The cost of breast enlargement in the UK varies, your consultant plastic surgeon will discuss prices with you at your consultation.

From your initial consultation with your operating surgeon to your unlimited aftercare MyBreast tailors your cosmetic surgery package to your individual needs. The cost of a breast enlargement varies depending on many surgical factors and which hospital you attend especially if you require an overnight stay. However as a guide price a breast enlargement cost will range between £4,350 and £6,650.

We offer pre-operative consultations with an accredited surgeon; an overnight stay at a top UK hospital; a choice of high-quality implants; personalised before and aftercare; a lifetime follow-up policy and five-year aftercare as standard, with no hidden costs. To find out more about costs call us on 0203 642 1490

How will MyBreast care for me after surgery?

MyBreast believes your relationship with your surgeon should not end once your operation is finished. Our lifetime aftercare policy includes post-operative check-ups as part of your surgery package. You can relax in the knowledge that we have everything covered. Your implants are guaranteed for the lifetime of the product. Find out more about our lifetime aftercare committment.

How much time off will I need?

If your job is sedentary or office-based, it is often possible to return to work within a few days or a week. Many patients in the UK choose to take two weeks off work.

After breast surgery, picking up small children will be difficult for the first fortnight after and you may need to arrange for help during this period. Sexual activity should be avoided for at least the first week following surgery. After that, you should be extremely gentle with your breasts, for at least the next three weeks.

In general, listen to your body: if your breasts are still tender to touch you are wise to stay rested.

When will I be able to go back to the gym?

After breast surgery, strenuous activities, especially arm movements, may be uncomfortable for two to three weeks. During this time you may enjoy long walks but a full return to exercise will take longer.

If your implants are under the muscle, you should expect to wait six weeks before going back to the gym and resuming a normal routine. If your implants are over the muscle, you will find this period is a little shorter, often four weeks after surgery.

Saving your energy to heal your body after surgery is the most sensible way to reduce the risk of complications.

Can I still breastfeed after having breast surgery?

This depends on your type of surgery.

Breast enlargement

Yes. If your breasts were able to produce milk before you had breast enlargement surgery, then you should be able to breastfeed afterwards. Breast implants are placed beneath the gland of the breast, so they don’t interfere with the process of lactation. There’s also no evidence to suggest that silicone breast implants will harm your baby in any way.

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Breast reduction

It is important to stress that breastfeeding after a breast reduction may not always be possible.

Find out more about Breast Reduction Surgery

Breast lift

Yes. Your ability to breastfeed should not be affected as your milk ducts and nipples will be left intact.

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Nipple correction

Although it doesn’t happen in all cases, one of the side-effects of the surgery is the potential inability to breastfeed.

Find out more about Nipple Surgery

Breast asymmetry

Depending upon how you choose the operation to be performed (implants or a reduction) this will dictate your ability to breastfeed. As a reduction removes many of the milk ducts leading to the nipples, breast feeding may not be possible. The insertion of implants should not interfere with your ability to breastfeed.

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How soon after breastfeeding can I have breast surgery?

Since breast enhancement surgery is ‘non-essential’ surgery, it makes sense to schedule it when all factors that contribute to a good result are in your favour. We advise waiting a minimum period of six months, until your breast glands have returned to their normal state, before considering breast surgery of any kind.

How long will my implants last?

The previously held belief that breast implants should be changed every 10 years is no longer valid. Although no-one can say for sure how long the current generation of implants will last, it is likely to be two to three times that figure. MyBreast use Nagor implants, which have a lifetime guarantee.

Will breast augmentation affect my risk of developing breast cancer?

No. Studies have examined the relative risk of women who have had breast implants developing breast cancer. These studies indicate that these women have a lower incidence of the disease.

This is not because of any protective effect – these women simply had less breast tissue to turn malignant. Remember that you will still need mammogram, ultrasound or MRI scans in the future as part of routine screening for breast cancer, which affects one in nine women.

Always inform your radiographer about your implants as special manoeuvres are required to see around the implant. These methods ensure that cancer detection is not impaired in women with breast implants.

Should I choose over or under the muscle?

It all depends on the anatomy of your chest wall, the shape of your breasts, and on the implant placement recommended by your surgeon.

Implants placed under the muscle tend to give a slightly more natural upper pole of the breast (basically this is the shape of the upper part of your chest), and have a low incidence of capsule contracture (scar tissue which can develop around an implant). However, the procedure is a little more uncomfortable for the first few days. They will suit you if you have very little breast tissue and nipples that lie above the breast crease.

Implants placed over the muscle give you a quicker recovery, but can form more capsules and a more visible contour. They may suit you better if your nipples are in a slightly low position.

Will augmentation affect the sensation in my nipples?

Implants may occasionally stretch the nerves that cross your chest, supplying sensation to the nipples (intercostal nerves). This may result in numbness on that side, or sometimes a feeling of sensitivity. In the vast majority of cases, breast augmentation will not cause any change in nipple sensation.

My breasts are droopy/very different to each other. Can I still have breast enlargement surgery?

Droopy breasts often mean that to obtain the shape you want through breast augmentation, you may need a mastopexy (breast lift) as well. Very asymmetric or different breasts may need a highly tailored approach.

As every individual and every case is unique, it is advisable to discuss your needs with your surgeon.

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